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Gold Puffle


Thinknoodle's Pet

Adopted on:

Nov 18, 2013



Friends With:

Thinknoodles, Skittles, Kopi (Puffle)

Mantequilla is Thinknoodles's second Golden Puffle and is introduced in this video. At first, Club Penguin would not let him name his first golden puffle "Mantequilla" so he named his first one "Goldielocks". The name had become available that same week, so he made a separate video with the adoption of Mantequilla. Although for some reason, Mantequilla wouldn't dig up that many items for Think.

Name and InfoEdit

Thinknoodles named Mantequilla because in his Minecraft Hunger Games, he calls gold, "mantequilla", and so a golden puffle reminded him of mantequilla.

On one of his Ask Thinks, he explained that "mantequilla" is a Spanish word for butter. He did not want to call gold "butter" in Minecraft all the time since SkyDoesMinecraft calls it that and "butter" is sort of in a way his signature, or rather, is something really iconic to himself and his channel. He didn't really want to copy him, so he decided to find something related to butter, and "mantequilla" came to mind.

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