This is episode 11 of Ultra Hardcore: Season 4, from Thinknoodle's perspective.


The episode opens up where Episode 10 left off, with Thinknoodles, Flexvoid, and DrPlaystation entering the Nether Fortress. They quickly find a Nether Fortress, and they manage to get Blaze Rods by using snowballs they had gathered in previous episodes. However, DrPlaystation dies due to fire. Thinknoodles and Flexvoid leave the fortress and Think puts on DrPlaystation's Protection II Diamond Chestplate. However, once they enter the portal, it glitches them outside of the playing area, pushing Think down to 4.5 hearts and Flexvoid down to 3. They manage to get their hearts back and they go to the surface, encountering an Enderman. They build a small enderman farm and try to kill the Enderman, but it teleports away at the last second. The episode ends with them continuing to roam the surface.